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Free Digital Bullet Journal

Download this free PDF and upload in your notes taking app to use as a Digital Bullet Journal

Join over 650 others to download my free journal and get started digital bullet journaling today!

What are the benefits of going digital? If you aren't sure that you are ready to make the switch then just check out these benefits of having a digital bullet journal vs a paper one!

  • Can be used right from your phone or iPad
  • More convenient to use
  • Saves paper
  • Only need one pencil
  • Don't have to buy a new one when it is full
  • Easily add more pages
  • Don't have to buy stickers, tape, pens pencils markers
  • If you do buy digital stickers you only have to buy them once, when physical stickers you only get one use out of them.
  • You can use any font you want (not just what you can write)
  • More customizable
  • More efficient
  • Easily make edits
  • Add images and graphics
  • Add charts and graphs
  • Won't rip or get all banged up
  • You can add links to other sites or link within the planner
  • Won't bleed through and ruin the next page

Free Digital Bullet Journal

Download this PDF and upload into your notes taking app to use as a digital bullet jornal

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